I am so grateful to have had you in my court. Your local knowledge of the unique challenges and solutions in the area were invaluable to me as I negotiated a sometimes arduous, anxious path in the sale of my home. Your motto is 'Trust is earned, not given,' and you certainly worked hard to earn my trust. As a result, I am now happy and content on my little porch by the river. 

    Feel free to use any of this as a recommendation on your website. For sure, your support was a huge factor in getting through the whole process.

    Keep in touch and head this way anytime.

    Take care,


    After the loss of my mother in March, my husband and I reached out to Scott Bullard regarding the sale of her house.  We chose Scott for several reasons – we knew him from our neighborhood, appreciated his donations to families in our area of time and resources. Scott had worked with us on some interventions with builders he represented; we felt he was a honest and honorable man.  Although my mother’s home was located over an hour’s drive from Briarcliff, Scott immediately set out to get the listing in place, helping us to understand the process and providing care and support of the loss and challenges we faced with the estate.

    The property was an older home in north Austin with a lot of challenges; throughout the entire sales process Scott was flexible and ensured our requirements were understood by all buyers and realtors.  He stayed involved with us during multiple offers and provided knowledgeable guidance regarding pricing and contract negotiations. Scott’s worked with other realtors and buyers but never pushed us to make rush decisions or made us feel pressured to make pricing adjustments as negotiations progressed.  He successfully negotiated the final contract meeting all estate requirements closing the sale within 60 days of listing despite the challenges he faced with the property.

    We can’t imagine going through the process with anyone other than Scott – he was a friend, a professional and a source of strength when estate challenges came our way.  We will always consider Scott a good friend and would strongly recommend him professionally to any of our family or close friends.  We came away from this experience feeling very lucky he agreed to work with us as he is a honorable man and realtor and was just what we needed to go through the process during such a stressful and painful time.

    Charles & Rene’ Reagan

    21937 Briarcliff Drive Spicewood Texas 78669

    Thank you so much for all you did for us! You have a special gift in real estate and were a pleasure to work with. Your advice on staging our house not only helped for a quick sale, but it also put us way ahead in preparing for our move! You have a great eye for looking at a home and property and knowing how to maximize it’s potential and your advice and suggestions were always given in positive encouraging ways. Love your humor by the way! As we’ve moved across country, we’ve been in touch with other agents and thought you’d like to know that you stand out as Exceptional. We so appreciate your honesty, your knowledge of the area, the trends, and the local information that is needed to make informed decisions… You had answers to our questions or pointed us to those who could help us and went out of your way to make our transition go as smoothly as possible. You even offered to come and help us! Thank you. The only downside is that we wish we’d known you earlier! Everything went so quickly and we really enjoyed getting to know you and having you as a new friend… Let’s keep in touch! Thank you for listening to our concerns on finding the right agent in our new area and for researching and finding a great one for us…again, you went out of your way.

    Thanks again for your part in making our move a great experience!

    Mark & Valerie Marsteller